Ottawa Book Expo 2020 and AirBnB present Great Canadian BBQ Experience


The Ottawa Book Expo 2020 alongside AirBNB is bringing you a feast this June and July that is guaranteed to blow your mind. The feast, dubbed “the Great Canadian Barbeque”, is scheduled to hold side by side an exciting book expo featuring the exhibition of multi-cultural and mind-stimulating books from international upcoming and well-known authors.

The event would be a mix & mingle, where visitors to Ottawa will be hosted on one side and residents of Ottawa-Gatineau on the other side both to be united by a mutual love for great food. The barbeque would serve as a natural ice breaker which will create an overall fun environment for the visitors and alsoenable them to make friends easily with Ottawa residents while bonding over authentic Canadian cuisine.

The event will go on for a total of four days and are encouraging grassroots-oriented authors to step up and be a part of the local celebration. The dates are on June 7, July 24th-26th at the Horticultural Building in Lansdowne Park. Tickets are nearly selling out, and big crowds are expected at the event.

The Great Canadian Barbecue offers an early bird rate of $89 per day. This consists of at least one portion of each delicious Canadian favourite. At the event, you will get to sample the various tapas-style dishes alongside all-time barbecue favourites like pulled pork sliders, jerk chicken egg rolls, brisket served on a crustini with horseradish mayonnaise and two bones of pork ribs.

Attendees will also be served a meal of Andouille sausage corn dogs and skewered shrimp. There will be plates of cornbread with Jalapeno infused cheddar butter, mini mac and cheeses and various surprise feature dishes available.

At the end of the mix & mingle and out BBQ luncheon, small groups of visitors and residents will be treated to a personalized tour of our Book Expo event which includes authors and entrepreneurs. Participants can nibble of their delightful bites while taking this tour.

After the tour, questions will be taken from visitors of the city who have specific questions about where to go and what to do to further make their travel experience a fun and memorable one, the questions would be answered by the event organizer, Ray. Ray is a book publisher who has been a resident of Ottawa since 1990. Being a member of the media, Ray possesses a vast knowledge of Ottawa, inclusive of “food tourism” and about 15 years of experience hosting events.

For dinner, Ray will host an optional Mexican-Canadian oriented dinner event at a local restaurant and prepare a customized street food menu for visitors who seek authentic Mexican food.

Once you purchase a ticket for the Great Canadian Barbecue, you will be able to mingle with others and enjoy a day full of literary and culinary sensations.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you are a foodie or a reader or both, the Ottawa Book Expo 2020 is the perfect place to be this year. To participate; please head on over to the Ottawa Book Expo website and register for this opportunity of a lifetime.