Book self-publishing: Ottawa authors get new service


If you are an author in Ottawa, this is clearly the best time to live. This is thanks to the amazing book self-publishing services offered by Agora Publishing. Opened in 1997 to meet the needs of authors, the brand has evolved to become the one-stop destination for everything that has to do with self-publishing. Before the advent of a reliable brand like Agora Publishing, authors in Ottawa had to face a mountain of challenges before they were able to get even their manuscripts checked not to talk of having their books published.

Books are very important and today, gifted authors have made massive fortunes by being able to sell their works all over the globe. Other talented writers have not been able to achieve this owing to difficulties with self-publishing and distribution. But luckily, Agora Publishing is here to change all that and assist Ottawa authors to achieve their goals in the literary world.

Agora Publishing focuses greatly on rendering relevant services for writers and authors of all categories. University professors, college teachers, novelists, and even amateur writers can now have their books out there for the reading pleasure of their admirers. Agora has perfected the art of publishing alongside mass distribution and this is done with the highest level of dedication and quality. Some have suggested that this impressive level of expertise might be connected with the fact that the brain behind Agora itself once worked at the University of Toronto.

Ottawa authors can now heave a sigh of relief – gone are the days of having to wait on the frustrating processes of the university press or other conventional self-publishing platforms. By partnering with Agora, any author in Ottawa will find the process of self-publishing a lot easier and more exciting than anyone could have imagined. There are different kinds of publishing services on offer from the stable of Agora and these services cover every aspect of book production, marketing/promotion, and distribution alongside post-publishing tasks.

For authors in Ottawa, there is a lot to gain from Agora Publishing. For starters, there are free consultations for manuscripts so as an author, you do not have to rob a bank by having to pay others to professionally examine and edit your manuscript. Authors have access to several self-publishing services all geared towards turning your manuscript into a real best-selling piece.

These services include self-book publishing, promotions/adverts, search engine marketing and book distribution. The book publishing services include self-publishing information sessions and adequate evaluation of manuscripts. For the pre-marketing services, Agora is perfectly-positioned to achieve all the outlined goals for clients. The pre-marketing details are so all-encompassing that they include book description, ISBN registration, book cover design, CIP registration and others like catchy promotional clips on YouTube.

For the manuscript, proper peer review and fundamental copy editing services are in stock. All these are even before the production itself starts, then they are followed by the typesetting and layout. All these are done specifically as the author wants it. For all the authors in Ottawa, all roads definitely lead to Agora Publishing – for good reasons.