Face the Reality Within


In her first book The Path and the second one Heal Yourself from Within, which will be out this summer, Desislava talks about the importance of bringing the attention inward and observing what we store inside of us. Everything that we have accumulated in the body was created by us and now is the time to start taking better care of ourselves through self-love so we can release the toxins in the body and have a healthy body and balanced mind. Through self-observation we can make better choices that are in union with the heart which create more love, peace, and joy for everyone.

Instead of waiting for the change to come from outside and expect that someone else will bring joy into our life, make us feel loved, worthy and happy, start observing the reality within to better understand the reality outside of us. Realize that nobody but our own self can fill the emptiness within us as everything is created by us for us.

In order to experience true love, you need to learn to love yourself. Once you start feeling good about yourself, you start sharing love with others and you feel happier and more loved. The energy you send out comes back to you. We can only share with others what we store inside of us and the same applies for others. They cannot offer you more than what they have themselves.

Understand that through your choices you create the reality you experience. Observe what you store inside of you to fully understand others. By observing your emotions, you realize what triggers them and you get to the root of the problem. This is how healing from within works. Then, you start to notice some positive changes in life.

When we experience anger, we suffer from within and that is why we attack people, and say and do things we regret for later on. When we treat others with hatred, we harm ourselves. Having this deep understanding how much damage we do to ourselves when we neglect the messages of the body and the call of the heart, we can make better choices and start treating ourselves with love and respect. This path will free us from suffering.

Every person is responsible for their own actions. As a result, each one of us attracts certain people and challenges which help us learn the laws of the Universe and discover our true nature. When you choose love, love is the response of the Universe. People open their hearts for you and start treating you in a loving way. It is a result of your choice to listen to your heart.

By spending time with ourselves and observing without attachment the reality within, we understand why we experience certain emotions. We decode the messages sent our way and we start to see the bigger picture. By treating ourselves with love under all conditions, we start responding differently. How we treat ourselves, affect our communication with others as well.

Take responsibility for your life and discover your true nature. When you connect with your own heart, you live an abundant, joyful, and peaceful life. Live your life to your fullest and change what does not serve you. You are a powerful creator who experiences the result of the choices you make each moment. Choose love under all circumstances and you will be amazed by the amount of love you receive.

When a challenge arises, bring your attention inward and focus on yourself. Observe what happens within you and breathe. That will calm you down and make you respond in a more loving way which is in union with the heart. By choosing to listen to the heart, you do not feed the ego mind and you create peace for everyone.

Know yourself, discover your uniqueness and express through the heart. Everything happens for a reason to help you awaken and live your life through the heart. Trust the wisdom that comes from within and be the person who you truly are - the loving, compassionate, forgiving, understanding one. The power is within you.


Desislava is looking forward to meeting you at the Ottawa Book Expo on June 7, 2020 and talking with you about her experience writing The Path and Heal Yourself from Within.

Her first book is available on her website www.thepathbydesi.com as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and her publisher Balboa Press.