From Crisis to Awakening


Why do we need to go through a crisis in life? To experience awakening. In order to evolve we have to experience not only the positive but also the negative. By experiencing opposites we have a deeper understanding of the whole. Since everything comes from the same source and in order to know all of its aspects, we need to experience. Through direct experience we realize how we function, what our true nature is, what happens around us and why. You may look at a crisis from different perspectives as destructive and creative. It destroys the old that serves the ego mind and creates space for new beginnings which are in union with the heart. It creates opportunities for growth and change. 

To experience something new in our lives, we need to face challenges. They invite us to step out of our comfort zone and change the old belief system that prevents us from seeing clearly and with the heart. When we awake, we understand that suffering exists to help us discover our immense potential and real self. When we are working through the heart, life is full of love and joy. When we are listening to the ego mind, we start experiencing pain and discomfort. By experiencing directly, you start to awaken and have a deeper understanding why you feel in a particular way. Look at that as a sign that is sent to you as an invitation for a change. 

Every moment we make choices to either work through the heart or the ego. These choices define our experiences. Since we are an essential part of the whole what we choose affects not only us but the whole as well. There are laws that we need to experience directly to better understand how the whole functions. If we neglect these laws, then we create misery for ourselves. Yet, your true self does not suffer. Since you are not the body nor the mind but the consciousness that is constantly present and aware of all that happens and has always a higher perspective. Your true self is never destroyed.

The crisis is an opportunity for the ego to dissolve and the divine to shine from within. Because of strong attachments to what we identify ourselves with, pain is there. The one who suffers is the ego and not the real self. When we spend some time observing what kind of games the ego plays with us, we slowly start detaching from it and this is how it loosens its power and we create space for the divine to step in. Do not forget that you are not alone in this journey and there are divine forces that guide you. However, you have to recognize their signs and make the choice to listen to their guidance. They come in different forms and based on how open we are to accept their help and embrace change will lead to what manifests next. Guidance does not always come as something pleasant. It may be a challenge that is sent that initially looks as overwhelming and insurmountable but then that same experience helped you see from a different perspective and become wiser. 

Crises are a good opportunity to create a healthy relationship with our true self and live in peace and harmony. To experience true peace, we need to start treating ourselves with love, care, forgiveness, and compassion. Through the challenges that God sends us, we are invited to transcend the ego mind and see beyond. By observing and detaching from the thoughts, emotions and feelings, which arise and pass away, we are creating space for our true nature to shine. We may look at everything that occurs from different perspectives as long as we are able to rise above the feelings and thoughts.

We are experiencing crises in life to create a loving world from within. When we create unity within ourselves we can create the same outside of us. But first we need to experience what our true nature is which will change us from within. Nothing, but the love that springs from within, can bring us true happiness. The real treasure is not outside but inside. By facing every aspect of our ego nature, our mind transforms and serves us in the best possible way. The mind starts serving the divine being who we are and not the ego which distracts us from our true nature. The more we observe and detach from the drama in the mind, the more we start differentiating the two voices – the one of the ego and the one of the divine.

When you choose love, your ego nature dissolves and you allow your magnificence to express in different forms. Your compassion and love for yourself and others start transforming the world around. The fact that you are able to accept and forgive yourself gives you the power to create space for others to express themselves as they choose and still love them unconditionally. This on the other hand will create a magical world for you as the energy you send out comes back to you. Your reality is created from you for you. You become one with who you truly are and where there is love, there is abundance, happiness, peace. You are in harmony with the Divine and the Universe responds with love. 

Share love unconditionally under all circumstances and your life will transform from within. Choose love always and you will have a blissful life. Surrender to what is send your way and trust it is for your best.

Choose love, be love!

The light in me bows to the light in you!


Desi Simeonova

Desislava Simeonova is the author of The Path, The Awakening Journey of a Teacher. Her first book is available for purchase on her website as well as Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble and her publisher Balboa Press.