Ottawa Book Expo: Ottawa's Great Canadian Barbeque welcomes Amazonas Restaurant


The Ottawa Book Expo is preparing to host the Great Canadian Barbecue alongside Amazonas restaurant in a fun-filled literary festival taking place in June and July 2020,bringing you the perfect combination of Canadian cooking and literary culture this year.

The book expo would be geared towards celebrating both local and international talent, and unlike other book expos before it, there would be lots of food involved. Many book expos aim at promoting already established authors, thereby ignoring new talents who have little or no prior exposure, however, the Ottawa Book Expo celebrates the local pool of literary genius that has previously gone unnoticed. This way, new authors do not have to struggle so much to gain an audience, for their work.


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Asides writers, the Ottawa Book Expo 2020 also plans to bring together entrepreneurs who seek to market and sell innovative products and services. The expo intends to share food to all participants while teaching them how to effectively navigate the publishing and business industry.

The  Great Canadian Barbecue™ which would be present at the event would be bringing along with it its 30+ years of experience in the catering business. Their menu is created to incorporate locally reared meat and fresh in-season produce. At the event, they would offer a wide array of tapas-style barbecue options in addition to the variety of other Canadian food being served.Every ticket holder will get a serving of each dish and additional meal servings may be claimed.

Amazonas restaurant which serves amazing Peruvian cuisine with a touch of homemade and gourmet mixed on each plate would also be a part of the great Canadian barbecue. The expo would hold on June 7th and July 24th-26th at the beautiful Horticultural building in Lansdowne Park.

Tickets are available now at, with an early bird rate of just $89.00 per day. This ticket guarantees that participants do not only eat as much as they can but that they are able to have a taste of all the different food served each day and to enjoy the entire expo at no additional cost.

The Great Canadian Barbecue™ will be serving food from 11:00 AM until 5 PM on June 7, 2020, and July 24-26, 2020.There would be sufficient food and fun for everyone, notwithstanding which day you choose to attend the festival.

The menu would contain several Canadian favourites. You’ll be served some delicious pulled pork sliders, which are a classic barbecue staple.Apart from barbecued foods;you’ll also get a chance to enjoy other finger foods like jerk chicken egg rolls.There will be numerous side options like mini mac and cheeses. You could snack on these fun meals while going down the line of booths showcasing different books.

The Ottawa Book Expo is exceptional in discovering and celebrating local and international talent.Support local grassroots-oriented authors, publishers and literary vendors by buying a ticket and exploring the vast pool of literary talent Canada has to offer.