Ottawa International Book Expo helps authors with self-publishing and marketing questions


Are you seeking professional consulting on book self-publishing services? Had enough of "chatbots"? Contact Ottawa International Book Expo services at or their hotline (917) 985-8472 for both U.S. and Canadian authors.

Self-publishing a book can also boost your brand as an expert your field.

You'll get your questions answered by experienced professionals with over 20 years experience in self-publishing, distributing and marketing books to international retailers.

Get personalized support for a change that you seek. If you decide to call and they're busy helping other authors, leave a detailed message about your needs so they can call you right back.

One author claimed on YouTube to have published about 700 books in Amazon in just two years.

Contact them if you want to stand out from all the mediocre books which are being churned out on Amazon resulting in poor sales.

They also will answer your questions about participating in their upcoming expo for IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL exhibitors on July 8 - 16, 2023.