The Nest (Book 1 of The Herman and Jayce Trilogy)


Jayce’s life had been perfect. Suddenly it is torn apart when she is a young teen, leaving her to face loss and loneliness. Desperate to make a new life for them, her father arranges for them to leave Canada and join their only surviving relative in Australia, Herman, a grandfather Jayce has never known.

But Herman’s world had been affected also, leaving him just a shadow of his former self, no longer full of life and levity. Making matters worse, a nasty next-door neighbour seems bent on causing trouble for the old man and particularly, for Jayce. But why?

A chance discovery of a nest of wild baby budgies takes Jayce and Herman on a new path together, one devoted to raising a pet bird. Unexpectedly, the path leads them to creating strong bonds of understanding, family, respect, and trust. Along the way, there is laughter, silliness, and just the perfect measure of revenge.

Treated with light humour, The Nest gently explores the themes of finding home, the journey through grief, and responsible pet ownership. It is equally suited to youth readers as it is to the young at heart.

Net proceeds from royalties will be donated by the author to support Parrot Partners, a charitable organization located Carleton Place, Ontario. For more information about the wonderful work they do, please visit